Saturday, November 19, 2011

We've missed our evening ritual of making entries into the blog.  Not much has happened since returning home; most of our time was spent (John) catching up at work and (Jenny) trying to reverse the jetlag and kick the nasty cold.  We should be back to normal by tomorrow (that's the plan, at least).

We wanted to share something with everyone.  We just found out about it this evening, so we apologize for the short notice.  Also, we realize that no one is expecting new posts, so this message might not even make it very far.  Still, we thought we'd give it a shot...

November is National Adoption Awareness month.  To celebrate and promote this, AAI (Adoption Advocates International, the agency that helps us with EVERY aspect of bringing Courage and Delight home) has challenged each family involved in an international adoption to find a creative way to create awareness for the needs of the kids in the homes AAI works with.

We heard that the Oswald family will be eating PB & J for every meal from now until Thanksgiving Dinner on Thursday.  They will then take the money they would've spent on those meals and send it to the kids in Ghana.  We thought this was such a great idea, so we are joining in the fun.  Our purpose for telling this to you is that we hope some of you will join us.  Trust me, you can survive on PB & J for 4 days...I know, since I subsisted on protein bars and water for 14 days.  Think of all the meal prep you'll save and can then use to research International Adoption and decide whether or not you'd like to be on the next plane to Africa.  (Okay, that was a shameless plug.  I'm just joking.)

Anyway, if you want to join in the fun, it'd be a great teaching tool during the upcoming Thanksgiving Week.  We look forward to what this will teach our kids as well as what we learn from the sacrifice.  Just let us know your plans and then we can help everyone get any proceeds from their PB & J week sent securely to AAI, who funds the feeding of Delight and Courage (and all the many other kids at the orphanage).

We look forward to hearing from any of you.  We send our love and express gratitude for what you've alerady done and what the future holds for all of us.

Talk to you soon...

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  1. Hi Jenny,
    What a fun adventure! Devanie married into a family from Ghana, there culture is way cool and they have some great traditions! Good Luck with everything, we will be following you! Whitney Carter Delahunty